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Intuitive Self:

Meditation Class
Learn to quiet your body and mind to reduce stress and enjoy your life. This is a beginning class for those interested in acquiring the skills to take a deeper look within.
Meditation has a direct effect on health and well-being by reducing internal stress and allowing the body to initiate its own intuitive healing. This class provides a set of skills to navigate the body, mind, and spirit connection. Learn to read the energy that affects you. Gain skills to create the life YOU want. In this class learn how to:

  • Reduce anxiety and internal stress
  • Eliminate physical pain
  • See unconscious patterns that affect your life
  • Achieve optimal health, wealth, and relationships

Commit to deepening your body, mind, and spirit connection and see how that can lead to your highest self-expression.

6-week class


Intuitive Self
Perfect your ability to see clearly and develop your intuition. This class provides a set of skills to allow you to develop inner wisdom, see life clearly, and create the life you want. In this class learn how to:

  • Advance your meditative abilities
  • Improve body, mind, and spirit alignment
  • Read energy
  • See unconscious patterns and how they affect life
  • Create your own reality

Commit to knowing yourself, having a life with purpose, and creating what you want.

Prerequisite: Meditation class


Intuitive Couple & Family:


Intuitive Couple
Acquire a set of skills to enhance your relationship. A relationship is an intuitive process where you learn to balance the expression of your free will with complete commitment to your partner. This class provides a set of skills to embrace the relationship process with integrity and knowingness. In this class you will:

  • Explore male and female dynamics
  • Identify the specific family patterns that affect your relationship
  • Learn techniques that unlock the key to intimacy
  • Discover the unwanted patterns that keep you from creating a more fulfilling relationship

Regardless of the strengths or challenges in your relationship, take the opportunity to embark upon this transformative journey.

6-week classIntuitive Family

Learn how members of your family can move independently and creatively while preserving the family structure. Families are intuitive systems of energetic exchange. Karmic exchanges are constant. John Bradshaw accurately describes the concept of the family as a moveable mobile; movement in one area causes the entire mobile to move. The same is true of stagnation and ‘stuckness’; one family member’s issue can easily affect others in the family. The key to a healthy family is to understand how individuals can create individual lives while protecting and honoring the sacredness of the family. In this class learn how to:

  • Dissipate negative family dynamics by identifying the source of the problem
  • Create emotional integrity between all family members
  • Communicate effectively
  • Change triangulation into a positive, creative process

6-week classParenting: Using Your Intuition
Develop intuition to empower your child to live their own intuitive life. Integrate an understanding of your child with intuitive skills to become the parent you aspire to be. In this class learn how to:

  • Build an understanding of your child’s spiritual stages
  • Learn how to hold the space for your child to have their own experiences
  • Identify areas where your own upbringing is impacting your parenting skills
  • Create your vision for how you want to be as a parent

Commit to your growth to give your child the opportunity to reach their full potential.

6-week class

Intuitive Universe:


Explore the divine order inherent in numbers. This class shows the intrinsic patterns in numbers and how they affect your life. In this class learn how to:

  • Calculate personal numbers
  • Identify the essence of each number
  • Uncover your unique karmic profile
  • Understand how your set of numbers translates to patterns and cycles in your life

Commit to understanding numerology to create the life you want.

4-week class

Creating Intuitive Spaces

Perfect your life through your environment. Home and office have a profound effect on your life. Rooms, furniture, and objects can support a feeling of well-being, or they can have a negative impact that you may not even recognize. Learn to see how the placement of objects holds energy. This class teaches the skills to clear and manage energy in order to express exactly what you want in your home or office. In this class learn how to:

  • Organize and maintain paper, photos, memorabilia, media, and computer information
  • Create functional living spaces
  • Express creativity and beauty
  • Manage ‘After the Event’ details for events and special occasions

This modern approach to feng shui will clear a path to self-discovery as well as tell a fascinating story. Come prepared to clean out and design your unique life.

6-week class<