A genogram is a diagram of your family or significant group of people. Genograms allow you to see relationship patterns amongst family members and other individuals you encounter.

Genogram information includes:

~ Names
~ Birth, death, marriage, and other significant dates
~ Education, career, health, and other demographic information

Dr. Beauvoir has evolved the use of genograms, a traditional tool used in Family Systems therapy, to allow you to see patterns in your life. She created the Genogram website to extend the historical purpose of the genogram and its role in studying family dynamics.

Through the Genogram website, subscribers are able to both store genogram information and to track events in time. They are then able to run reports to correlate this information and apply the Name and Date Method efficiently and effectively in their lives.

Utilizing the Genogram website and the Name and Date Method together allows you the structure to develop, strengthen and sustain your family and relationships.

Unseen, unspoken influences may affect your decisions and circumstances in life. See how your universe is affected by family and others. Solutions may be easier than you think!

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