Name and Date Method

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Dr. Beauvoir developed the Name and Date Method as a means to understanding your life. The universe is a great communicator and is always providing answers to you. The Name and Date Method offers a concrete way to interpret this communication.

The Name and Date Method recognizes that energy, once projected into an event or association, continues to exist in a timeless state until resolved – whether the event occurred 20 minutes or 20 years ago. When this energy is not resolved, you continue to create circumstances in your life as a way to look at the energy affecting you until you resolve it. Understanding this principle is the key to ending karma.

The Name and Date Method gives you a way to look at your relationship to others and to spirit by helping to identify obstacles standing in the way of you getting the life you want. Learn to look at your life in a more meaningful and insightful way.

To learn more about the Name and Date Method read Dr. Beauvoir’s book Certainty.