Individual Sessions & Consulting

Sessions and Consulting for Individuals, Couples, Families, and Organizations

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Sessions and consulting provide a personalized approach to living the truest expression of your life. Dr. Beauvoir utilizes her extensive experience in the psychological and healing arts to create an insightful and informative counseling and reading experience. She specializes in relationships, parenting, business, and organizing environments for efficiency.

Individual Intuitive Session
Individual Intuitive Sessions offer a structured and customized approach to provide direction in designing and creating your ideal life. Energy readings are grounded in an expertise in counseling psychology to identify barriers keeping you from what you want. Sessions include specific recommendations for overcoming challenges and gaining clarity and focus in your life.

Individual Intuitive Sessions incorporate coaching to move you toward a specific goal. Discover the steps that are necessary to achieve the results you want. Get clarity and support to identify and remove obstacles in your path in order to reach your intended goal.

Home and Lifestyle Consulting
Personal home consultations allow you to see how your home environment is impacting your life. Through the Intuitive at Home process, learn how to dispose of unwanted patterns and organize your life for greater abundance. Discover how to apply your unique image and style to all areas of your life. By identifying the connection between your home and your well-being, learn how to create the home and life of your dreams.

Business and Leadership Consulting
Personal consultations are available for select businesses and leaders interested in incorporating intuitive principles in their daily operations. Leadership starts with vision and clarity and is key to having a successful business and team. Learn how to set the space to get your intended results.

Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir

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