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Certainty – Make Your Dreams Come True

By Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir
You use energy, whether your own or someone else’s, to create your life in the physical world. Learning how to distinguish between your and others’ energy and then work undesired energy out of your space is key to manifesting the life you want.
Energy works in time. The Name-Date Method presented in this book offers you a concrete way to discover what—or who—is standing in the way of your life’s desire. The universe is constantly communicating to you. Learn to read the signs of your personal adventure called life!

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Meditation – Your Key to Certainty

By Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir
Everyone has the innate ability to perceive and work with energy. Once you take the first steps, you begin to realize what an immense, interconnected, and amazing universe you live in.
When you meditate, you use your creative energy to access your personal truth. Meditation gives you the ability to purify yourself to become your highest and best self.

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Beauvoir Rose Cards

Beauvoir Rose cards are a beautiful “hello” to your inner consciousness.

Choose a word each day and use your intuition. The universe is talking to you if you are open to listening.

Box includes ninety 2″ x 2″ cards.

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The Art of Being Social Cards

The Art of Being Social cards are a way for you and your family and friends to create meaningful and fun social interactions.

Choose a card and let the conversation begin!

Box includes ninety 2″ x 2″ cards.

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