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Beauvoir Events & Seminars

The Beauvoir February Seminar Event:

Join Dr. Cassandra Beauvoir for an evening of inspiration, wit, and music -
~ Intro to Meditation - Next Date TBD

Learn the Secrets Your Home Will Tell: Free Intro! - Learn what the things in your home say about you.

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Energy in Time: The Name-Date Method at Work in Your Life - Learn to decode karmic influences and get the life you want.

Intuitive at Home: An Introduction - Learn how decluttering, organizing, and properly maintaining your belongings translates to increased health, happiness, wealth, and love.

Intuitive Business: Tools for Success - Manifest success in your business by utilizing strategies that will give you effective building blocks to meet your goals.

Beauvoir Classes

Meditation Class – Increase your health and well-being through meditation.

Intuitive Self – Perfect your ability to see clearly and develop your intuition.

Intuitive Couple – Acquire a set of skills to embrace your relationship process with integrity and knowingness.

Intuitive Family – Learn how members of your family can move independently while keeping the family structure intact.

Parenting: Using Your Intuition – Develop your intuition to allow your child to live their own intuitive life.   

Creating Intuitive Spaces – Perfect your life through your environment.

Overcoming Anxiety – Learn a step-by-step process to examine and overcome your anxiety disorder.

Numerology – Explore the divine order inherent in numbers.







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The Certainty Model by Beauvoir

Certainty Model

Genealogy Name-Date Website
Read the signs you receive every day from the universe to live your best life.